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Noise Barrier

Classfication for the sound barrier wall: Base on the application environment: the traffic noise barriers, equipment noise attenuation noise barriers, factory noise barriers; Base on the material: metal noise barriers,concrete noise barriers, PC noise barriers,etc; Base on different application: rail noise barriers, highway noise barriers,urban landscope noise barriers,redetial area noise reduction noise barriers.

Structure of the sound barrier: Sound barriers are made of the steel H beam and sound absorbing panels. Steel H beam is the main force components, it si fixed by bolts or welding on the road barrier wall or the side of the embeded steel plate. Sound absorbing panel are the main noise reduction component,it is ixed by high stength spring clip on the groove of the beam. Considering the environment the highway, railway road and subway, it is designed for open-air corrosion, easy transportation and installation, and long life.

Height of the sound barriers is also bettween 1m-5m. Covering the effective area, the noise reduction is 10-15dB(A)(125HZ-40000HZ,1/3 octave),up to 20dB(A).Generally the sound barriers height and distance is more bigger, the reduction effect is more better.

1. Good perfomance of acoustic insulation: the average acoustic insulation amound should not less than 35dB;

2. High sound absorption coeficient: the average sound absorption coeficient amount should not be less than 0.84.

The metal Sound Barrier Wall accoding to diffirent hole shape,there also are two types:

1.Window-blinds Types

2.Round shape types

Metal Sound Barrier Wall Specifications:

1.Sound barrier wall panel thickness: 80mm,100mm,120mm;

2.Sound barrier Wall panel length & height:2000mmx500mm,2500mmx500mm,3000mmx500mm, or according to clients' requirement;

3.Sound Barrier Wall Post: H 100, H125,H150,H175,H200;

Sound Barrier Wall Technical features: 1.Impact strength: 850J/m ,the impact strength of solid PC sheets is 250 times that of glass, 20-30 times of PMMA sheet

2.Light transmission: 80%-90% for different thickness of clear color;

3.UV resistance:with our 50µm thickness UV layer ,the sheet can filter 99% ultraviolet radiation in sunlight;

4.Specific gravity: 1.2 g/cm Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.065 mm/?C;

5.Temperature: -40?C to 120?C;

6.Heat conductivity: 2.3-3.9 W/m2;

7.Tensile strength: >60N/mm2;

8.Flexural strength: 100N/mm2 ;

9.Modulus of elasticity: 2,400mPa;

10.Tensile street at break: >65mPa ;

11.Elongation at break: >100% ;

12.Specific heat: 1.16J/kg;

13.Heat deflection temperature: 140?C;

14.Soundproof index:60mm--29dB,80mm--31dB,100mm-32dB 120mm--34dB.

Contact Person: Jona Du



Address: East Of Baoheng Road,Anping County,Hebei,China,Hengshui,Hebei

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